Child Support

Making Sure Your Child Gets the Right Support

As a parent, there is nothing more important than the safety and the welfare of your children. Raising a child takes a tremendous amount of time, love, and resources, and it’s difficult enough when both parents are doing their absolute best. When one parent tries to shirk his or her responsibilities, however, raising your children can become even more difficult.

In Connecticut, child support (including things like medical insurance, allocating childcare costs, and more) is determined by a formula that takes both parents’ income into account. But unfortunately some parents may try various tricks to avoid paying the child support they owe.

If you are in the midst of a child support dispute or are seeking to change the amount of child support owed, Attorney James A. Saraceni can help. With his years of experience in the legal system, he has ensured parents do what is right for their children. He is here to help you with your child support issues.

Why You Need a Child Support Attorney

If you suspect that your partner is withholding income or hiding it, you need the support of an Attorney like Attorney Saraceni. Attorney Saraceni can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove wrongdoing and see you receive/pay the proper amount of child support.

By the same token, if you need a change in the child support order owing to changes in income and other factors, it helps to have an Attorney by your side. Attorney Saraceni can help you make your case to the court.

You want what is best for your children, and Attorney Saraceni is here to help you fight for just that. Trust his experience when it comes to child support cases. Call today to schedule a free consultation. Your consultation will only take 30 minutes, and it can be just what you need to ensure that your children get all they need and deserve.

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