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A single criminal conviction can have a cascading negative effect on your life. Depending on the severity of the offense, you could lose your ability to hold down a job or even be hired, rent an apartment, or access federal and state aid programs. Thus, if you are ever arrested or charged with a criminal offense, or if you think you might be, it is in your interest to fight the charges as vigorously as you can.

Attorney James A. Saraceni can help. As a former police officer with 27 years of experience, he knows two things: one, that the police do occasionally make mistakes, and that sometimes innocent people can be caught in a web of criminal suspicion. He also knows that good people make mistakes. No matter what has happened to you, Attorney Saraceni is ready to provide vigorous, aggressive representation inside the courtroom and out of it.
Criminal Attorney Danbury, CT
His goal is the same as yours: to fight for your rights at every turn, whether by challenging improperly gathered evidence, negotiating with the prosecution, or presenting your case in the best possible light before a jury. At every stage, he will fight to have the charges against you reduced or dropped, or the sentence you may be facing reduced. If you have already been convicted, Attorney Saraceni may be able to help you have your record expunged or apply for other relief.

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