Domestic Violence

Assisting Those Accused of and Those Who Have Survived Domestic Violence

For good reason, domestic violence is viewed as a serious crime. Those who have survived it deserve safety, protection, and the reassurance that their voice will be heard. Those who are accused of it need assistance, too, to make sure their rights are protected throughout the process and that their lives are not upended due to false or unsubstantiated allegations.

As a family and criminal Attorney, Attorney Saraceni is in an excellent position to assist both the survivors of and those accused of domestic violence. He understands that these cases are emotional and can be uniquely devastating. Rest assured that Attorney Saraceni hears you, believes you, and is here to fight for your rights.

To learn more about how Attorney Saraceni can assist you, please click on the link that pertains to your situation:

•    For the Accused
•    For the Survivors

For the Accused
Relationships are complicated, and when relationships turn bad, things can become truly ugly. Whether you made a single mistake or are facing wholly unsubstantiated allegations, a domestic violence conviction on your record can have devastating lifelong effects. You might find it difficult to get a job or have your right to raise your children taken away. In Connecticut, those who are convicted of certain violent crimes connected with domestic violence also lose their right to own or possess a firearm.

Your only choice is to fight the charges, and Attorney Saraceni can help. His goal is to make sure your side of the story is heard and to help you protect your rights. He will present your case in the best possible light and do his best to have charges reduced or dropped or else the minimal possible sentence applied.

After an accusation of domestic violence, your finances, freedom, and fundamental rights are all on the line. Trust Attorney Saraceni to help you through this difficult time. Schedule your free case evaluation with Attorney Saraceni today.

For the Survivors
After surviving domestic violence, your first priority is to make sure yourself, your children, and your other loved ones are safe. Your next step is to take steps to make sure your abuser cannot hurt you again. Attorney Saraceni is here to help you.

Attorney Saraceni has worked with survivors of domestic violence as both a police officer and an Attorney. He can be by your side through the entire legal process. He knows that this process can be confusing and bewildering, and that you are understandably emotional. Trust Attorney Saraceni to listen your concerns, explain all proceedings to you, and work to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.

Reclaiming your voice and regaining control over your life are some of the most powerful things you can do after surviving domestic violence. Let Attorney Saraceni help you with both. Call today to schedule your free 30-minute case evaluation.

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